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We On That Track! Resident Runners Tuesday Morning Track Sessions at East River Park

Resident Runners is HYPE to announce a new weekly addition to our running schedule. We'll be hitting East River Park Track every Tuesday morning at 8am for some speed work. So wake up, lace up, have some coffee, and let's get it.

 Questions? Hit @residentrunners @djroot456 @raymondhproject using #weontrack or shoot an email to

MAP: Sunday's 2 Mile Running Route in Central Park

Tomorrow's the day we kick-off Resident Runners with our first group run of 2 miles. To give you a little heads up as to what you can expect, here's a map of the route we'll take through Central Park after meeting at West NYC sneaker store to drop off our ish at 11:00AM.

We'll walk over to Central Park from West to stretch the legs (about .3 miles) and then take off on a 2 mile loop through Central Park!

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