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Resident Runners, Globe Running in Nigeria

One of our favorite things: traveling, and what we like to call Globe Running. Run in as many states, countries, provinces, parishes, or continents as possible. Expand your horizons, experience something new, and do it on two feet.

Part vacation / part visiting the family of loved ones, Resident Runners were blessed to log a few miles outside of Lagos, Nigeria between March 21-26, 2013. The country, both beautiful and challenging, provided nothing but 90+ degree heat and awe-inspiring sights during each of the runs. (Which never passed the 3 mile mark... it's crazy HOT.)

As recommended by our wonderful host, Great Auntie Gloria, each run went down within the walls of our estate in which we stayed. Exploring the excited, congested, and often energy- and drama-charged streets outside of Lagos alone and on foot wasn't the best option, so we opted for a simple route other than the quick beach trek at Eleko Beach (shown below).

Peace and blessings from West Africa! Next stop: Amsterdam.

E hitting a beach run on Eleko Beach outside of Lagos, Nigeria. March 24, 2013.

E + Eleka Beach...

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