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Under Armour Shoe Trials begin at tonight's Thursday night run

We're adding a new element to Resident Runners Thursday night runs.

Under Armour Run Shoe Trials

Every Thursday, starting tonight, you'll be able to test the newest UA Running shoes on our run. Come in, we'll link you with "their guy," and he'll get you sized & setup to run. After the run, if you like what you felt, you can take the shoes home at 20% OFF!

Check out all the available shoes at

Check out all the available shoes at

Tonight you might want to test something like the Slingshot, as we're going for a short (5.7 miles) run with some fast hill intervals in the middle.

Meet at 6:30pm / Run at 7:00pm



REMINDER: We don't have pace groups and everyone is encouraged to run FAST. Don't let that intimidate you. FAST is relative, which means it's different for everyone. So come run YOUR FAST. You might have to push yourself to stick with someone in front of you, or you might end up running solo the whole time. Nothing wrong with that! In fact, it'll make you stronger. But if you want to be sure you're alongside someone for the entire route, bring a friend who runs your pace. #runwithfight

The 1st Thursday of every month is TRACK NIGHT with Resident Runners

We're switching things up a bit on the first Thursday of every month. Why? Why not. And because it's incorporating TRACK workouts into our weekly open runs, which will make everyone faster and hopefully add a little something extra to your training schedule.

Here's the deal

Our HQ at Under Armour is only 1.5 miles from East River Park Track, which makes for a great warm-up distance. (We'd end up doing close to this ON the track if we were to simply start the workout there.) So we'll still meet at 583 Broadway between Houston & Prince at 6:30pm, leaving to run / start our warm-up journey to the track at 7pm. (Bags, valuables, etc. will be left at UA.)

Once we arrive at ERPT, we'll do a couple quick activations to finish warming up and jump right into the workout. Workouts will vary depending on upcoming races, training, or just whatever we're trying to accomplish. After finishing the workout, we'll run as a group back to the store. The total distance of Thursday Track Night workouts will vary, but expect it to be anywhere between 6-8 miles in total, including warm-up & cool-down.

What if you don't have experience with track workouts?

ALL GOOD. We're here to answer any questions you might have and scream at you to push it along the way. (If you REALLY don't have any experience with tracks, they're giant circles, which means you can't get away from us or our encouragement.) So experienced or not, join us.

This Thursday's Workout

  • 8x200 with 100 meter recovery
  • 4x400 with 200 meter recovery
  • 2x800 with 400 meter recovery

Total Workout Distance (including warm-up, recovery, and cool-down): 7.5 miles

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